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Sacred Heart with hammered copper flames, embossed felt, barbed wire and metal leaf
Copper Flame Heart detailTooled foil book coverSilver Leaf Sacred Heart 12x48Detail of a tooled metal and ribbon sacred heartSmall reduction print sacred heartResin-coated Prismacolor sacred heart on plasterPainted glass sacred heartCopper Flame Heart

Sacred Hearts

I have a deep love for the Sacred Heart.  I see it not so much as a religious icon, but as a symbol that speaks to me through the unified use of the flames (passion), thorns (pain), and heart (love).  These have evolved in their meanings to me throughout the different stages of my life, and maybe that’s why I’ve held it so close all these years.  If I ever feel a need to create, and can’t seem to find a ready subject, I have always been able to channel that creativity in some way through a Sacred Heart.


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