Everything in life is an art project


Encaustic paintings are created through the layering and heating of beeswax, damar resin, and color pigments .  The warm welcomes almost any media and subject.  I began working in encaustics as a way to meld my love of found objects and photography into an art form.  The beeswax adds depth and luminosity, adding a calm, dreamlike quality to images.

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Mixed Media

I am a mixed-media artist to the nth degree!  One of the greatest things about working with mixed-media is the challenge of finding ways to bring unrelated things together to form something cohesive and beautiful.  I’m always looking for random discarded items to be painted, coated, dipped, dyed, glued, or changed in some way to become something new.


I’m not a “jeweler” per se, but love to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  I don’t really enjoy wearing mass-produced pieces of jewelry, and began making jewelry by creating pendants and bracelets that spoke to my taste.  I work mostly in silver and leather, but also incorporate pearls, gems, resin, and assorted found objects.

Photo Art

I’m seldom without a camera, and never without my iPhone.  I love to document the sights and colors of life…there is beauty to be found in even the most mundane things.  I often use photographs in my resin and encaustic pieces, and love the creativity of pushing my photos into another art form.

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