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Kimmy Dream
"Dream" encaustic mixed-media paintingDetail showing elements inlaid into wax

Dream Encaustic

My mind is in a constant state of disarray and excitement, and this self-portrait in encaustic is a pretty good visual of what goes on in my head! Creative sparks bounce around with a sense of urgency to escape; whirling, expanding, changing, and wreaking havoc with orderliness in my life.  There is never one shape, color, type of line, or even thought that defines me as an artist, and I have found that working in wax allows me to corral those sparks through the use of endless combinations of mixed media and visual processes.  Wax, jewels, glitter, and a “selfie” have been combined to create a colorful representation of “life as me”.  Custom orders available for “life as YOU”.

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9×12 Encaustic mixed media painting


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